Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Be Seen in Sydney


If you fancy heels and cocktails over thongs and beers, then the uber trendy Ivy Bar is just the place for you.

Located on George Street in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, The Ivy Bar is newest additional to the Merivale group. This high end bar is made up of a multilevel inside and outside bar. With a roofless and funky interior courtyard, the Ivy is the place to be seen. The exclusivity of this very suave establishment is catered for with a VIP area and exclusive indoor pool area, open only to members.

With its extremely modern interior, it is no surprise to see the glamorous crowd it attracts. Thursday and Friday nights are popular with the corporate crowd, as the city-working Suits are happy to pause their hectic work schedule for an imported ale or a glass of bubbly, and commence the unwind of their working week. Despite being in the heart of the CBD, The Ivy continues to pull a very fashionable weekend crowd and is always a hive of activity amongst the extremely sleek, sophisticated party crowd that weaves its way through the Sydney nightlife scene.

However, if your wallet is not quite ready for high roller status, no worries, you are still invited to the party.  Even the Ivy Bar, in all its high fashion glory is currently catering to the budget savvy hipster with their $5 Fridays, from 5 to 7 pm guests can enjoy a variety a cocktails at the Pool Club.  This deal definitely has the cool kids seal of approval, see you next Friday.

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