Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Best of Manchester


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Known for its influence in history, sport and music, Manchester has changed quite a lot since its industrial past and has transformed into a vibrant city ideal for sport & music lovers, students and history enthusiasts.

Manchester’s best cheap eats

Whether you need to warm yourself up with a steaming bowl of soup in winter or keep it cool with a simple sandwich or salad in summer, Shlurp located at Brazennose House East on Brazennose St is the place for you. Fiercely committed to the production of fresh, seasonal food you won’t find any nasties here. Despite its lack of onsite seating the preservative and additive free soups and stews will have you wanting more. This inexpensive eating house is open Monday through Friday and is a favourite amongst inner city locals.

Manchester’s best live music

Known the world over for its thriving music scene, many an international success story started off in Manchester. Along with Oasis, The Smiths and Bee Gees Manchester has been credited as the driving force behind the Indie music trend. These days the Witchwood, located at 153 Old St, continues the tradition, widely considered the place to go for quality live and local music.

Manchester’s best Chinese restaurant

Manchester is home to a wealth of traditional and modern Chinese restaurants and shops for you to explore. Winner of Gordon Ramsay’s best local Chinese restaurant award, Sweet Mandarin, located at 9 Copperas St simply cannot be missed. Standout owner/chef Lisa Tse (who has also been on Iron Chef UK) serves up the best sweet corn soup, claypot chicken and sizzling Cantonese pork you’re ever likely to find. Reservations are a must.

Manchester’s best museum

The Imperial War Museum North is an interesting and educational look at Britain’s wartime history and best of all it’s free. Make sure you visit the 1940: Britain’s Finest Hour Exhibition – a comprehensive narrative of England’s efforts to deter Nazi domination. Open daily at the Quays on Trafford Wharf Road.

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