Brisbane’s Grand Atlantic Comes to Play!


Grand Atlantic are an alternative rock band from Brisbane, Australia. They blast out melodic, hard-hitting songs, often compared to Oasis and Jet but recalling the powerpop sensibilities of Redd Kross or Teenage Fanclub. This band is all about immediate hooks, visceral guitar riffs and a swaggering rhythm section. Their new album, titled ‘How We Survive’ was released in July 2009 by Laughing Outlaw Records in Australia. Tracks from ‘How We Survive’ have been featured on blogs and internet radio stations everywhere from Belgium to Russia, and the album enjoyed extensive airplay on Australian radio, ending up on a number of the year’s “best-of” lists…

The band’s sound relies on equally on crunchy riffs and chiming, Byrds-esque guitars, welded seamlessly to robust pop songs with instantly-memorable choruses. Lyrically, the new album attempts to reconcile lead singer Phil Usher’s feelings on mortality and loss, as well as the challenges of living in this modern world. If that all sounds too serious, don’t be put off – these songs are testament to the resilience of the human spirit, and Usher delivers an uplifting set of pop gems that can stand proudly beside the best in the genre. Put simply, this is thrilling modern rock, performed to perfection and tailor-made for the revivalist and the seekers of the new alike. Currently getting widespread US radio airplay.


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