Drunken Beach Blanket Zombie Party Indie Rock with Goons of Doom


The Goons of Doom are throwing a party and want everyone to come topless. The five childhood friends started the band five years ago with instruments bought from a pawn shop and with rudimentary skills wrote simple songs that were startling, honest, ridiculous and instantly catchy. Two albums later, their sound has been honed into an ecstatic mix of shanty sing-a-long surf mixed with deadbeat rock and roll gak.

Blissfully unpretentious and lacking any real form of ambition, the Goons deliver a unique live musical experience, in that they genuinely want to share their energetic life’s stories while simultaneously dismantling crossed arms, disarming judgmental stares and tearing down every last guarded ego in the room. It’s this attitude that has seen them travel to the furthest corners of the globe igniting hearts, soaking t-shirts and crushing all and sundry with sincere bone cracking hugs. The Goons of Doom are simply here to play.  Get the new Goons Of Doom record “I Hate My Hair and I Want to Die” available now on Volcom Entertainment.


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