Mardi Gras, need we say more?

Picture 024

Here at V Australia, we’ve never met a party we didn’t like– the louder, the later, the better. So, you can imagine how much excitement Mardi Gras generates, let’s just say it’s epic. We’ve been counting down to this year’s festivities for months.

As sponsors, nay as fellow party people, it is our duty to share the good news of Mardi Gras, so you don’t get left out. Allow us to prevent you from becoming the person that hears the same stories again and again but can’t participate, just has to smile and nod and isn’t tagged in any of the best Facebook photos because you weren’t there. But, I digress, the moral of the story is that you really, emphasis on really, do not want to miss out.

Because we want you to be prepared for all of the awesome that you will encounter at Mardi Gras we’re sharing a few of our favorite pictures from last year’s festivities.

Picture 026

Picture 051

Picture 060

While we can only imagine what the 2010 installment will deliver, we do know that we’d hate for you to miss out. No worries, there is still time to book your Mardi Gras holiday.

And the countdown continues….

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