Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Airport Experience enhanced for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

Premium Entry at Sydney Airport

We have today announced a series of new product and service initiatives to further enhance the airport experience of Virgin Australia Guests on the Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane triangle.

The new initiatives designed to create a more seamless travel experience for Guests include:

* A Premium Valet and dedicated check-in service at Melbourne and Brisbane domestic airports.

* A Concierge service at Gold Coast and Canberra airports, providing personalised service to Virgin Australia’s Premium Guests.

* The expansion and upgrade of Sydney and Melbourne domestic airports terminals throughout 2012, including building additional aerobridges at both airports for wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft.

Our Group Executive of Product and Guest Services Martin Daley said that with more than 15 million passengers travelling between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each year, “the Triangle”, is one of the world’s busiest airline routes.

“Providing Guests with a seamless experience on the Triangle is a key focus for Virgin Australia as we progress in our strategy to become the airline of choice in Australia.

“Following our recent enhancements on these routes, including increased flight frequencies, Valet and kerbside lounge entry at Sydney Domestic Airport, and priority services for Premium Guests, we have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from Guests.

“The initiatives announced today are designed to build on this work, ensuring that Virgin Australia is the number one choice for travellers on “the Triangle”,” Mr. Daley said.

Other Product and service initiatives include:

* Kerb-side valet car park service in Brisbane from next month.

*Plans for a dedicated Premium Valet car park at Melbourne Domestic Airport expected to open later this year.

* A Concierge service at Gold Coast and Canberra airports will soon commence to provide exceptional personalised service to Virgin Australia’s high value guests.

Virgin Australia’s enhancements to travel on “the triangle” over the last 12 months include:

* Priority check-in; screening; boarding; and baggage.

* Business Class on all flights, including luxury leather seats on the Boeing 737-800 fleet.

* Luke Mangan designed menu.

* Newspapers on-board each weekday until noon.

* New lounges in Melbourne and Brisbane with enhancements planned for Sydney.


Are any of these features something that you would look to utilise when you fly with us?



One Response

  1. Glen February 23, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    That all looks and sounds really good Martin – definitiely a couple of steps in the right direct. The problem I have howevere, is that I never exactly what I’m going to get in terms of inflight services. Sometimes there’s free inflight entertainment, sometimes there’s nothing. Sometimes I get a meal gratis and other times if I want anything I have to pay for it. Surely you can do something better than services levels “like a box of chocolates”?