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Lorna Jane

Out of an overwhelming desire to make fashionable sports attire (activewear), former aerobics instructor, Lorna Jane Clarkson founded one of Australia’s most inspiring multi-million dollar businesses, Lorna Jane.

Two decades later, with more than 120 stores worldwide and 337,000 Facebook followers, Lorna Jane is not only an industry leader, but also a household name. On any trip to an Australian gym you’re guaranteed to find the brand’s iconic logo sported by ladies of all shapes and sizes, and confidence and abilities.

Recognising the brand’s positive effect on females, our holiday partner, Blue Holidays invites you on Breakations with the girls to be inspired over lunch with Lorna Jane.

In anticipation of the lunches we spoke with Lorna Jane Clarkson, to discover what motivates her, where she pulls inspiration from and what projects she has in her sights.

Why did you decide to partner with Blue Holidays for Breakations with the girls?

We all have such busy schedules, and I thought it was a great opportunity for women to stop, take a break and spend some quality time with their friends. We have planned a total Move Nourish Believe experience. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone; and talking about health and fitness, being positive every day, and finding the time to do more of the things that we love.

What do you feel guests will take away from the weekends?

I hope everyone walks away having learnt more about my personal life philosophy, Move, Nourish and Believe, and how easy it is to incorporate it into their everyday life.

What does Move Nourish Believe mean?

It is my personal philosophy for living and I’ve lived this way for as long as I can remember. I promise myself that I will move my body every day, nourish from the inside out with healthy and nutritious food, and believe anything is possible (with a little hard work).

It’s not only your mantra, but also the name of your book. What made you write Move Nourish Believe?

I found myself constantly being asked by my staff and customers to write a book. Not sure what to write about, I reached out to my Lorna Jane Facebook fans and asked them. They wanted to know the details of how I lived my life, from what I liked to eat, to my favourite workouts. So that is exactly what I wrote about. I am not an expert by any means; I simply shared all the things I had learnt on my own health and fitness journey. I wanted to connect personally with each and every reader, to really inspire them to lead their best lives and never give up.

Do you have any further projects in the pipeline?

We plan to open 10 stores across California by the end of the year, which is a huge focus for our business and will definitely keep us busy. We’re also launching a brand new website and online store this month to support our incredible growth in the online retail space. I am currently putting together a Move Nourish Believe diary for January 2013 and I’d like to write another book – aiming for release in November 2013.

10 stores on top of the 120 that you already have is a huge feat. Congratulations! What is your favourite store destination to visit?

I love them all! All our stores are centred on their local community, and each store has a part in my Lorna Jane family giving it energy, getting to know our customers and becoming part of the local scene. In saying that, it was amazing to walk into our first ever US store in Malibu, California, as it reminded me just how far the Lorna Jane brand has come as well as the amazing possibilities we have in the future.

When you’re not working, what is your favourite holiday destination to visit with your girlfriends?

I love going to a good spa or health retreat. I am one of those people who likes to discover new places, so it’s not often that I go back to the same place twice. I love to research a new destination, look for the good shopping, restaurants and walking spots, and then get everyone’s availability, make a plan and book it.

You mentioned researching walking spots… What are you top five places in the world to exercise?

I have been spending my time between Australia and the U.S. at the moment so:
- Trekking the Hollywood Hills… for the great view
- Bike riding in Santa Monica… where else can you ride your bike on the beach?
- Paddle boarding in Hawaii… because it feels good and the water is amazing
- Running in Central Park, NY… I love getting lost and finding my way again
- Bush walking on the Sunshine Coast… a little bit of paradise in the midst of my busy schedule

You and your girlfriends can meet and be inspired by Lorna Jane Clarkson in person, at our Brisbane Breakation with the girls lunch.


The package includes:

- Return flights from Sydney to Brisbane
- Luxury transfers from the airport, and to lunch
- One night’s accommodation and breakfast at 4.5 star inner city hotel, Quay West
- A sumptuously healthy and motivating lunch with Lorna Jane Clarkson
- A yoga class with Lorna’s personal instructor

Two lunches will be held: on 2 June and 16 June 2012. Spaces are limited to 50 people per lunch. Price start at $494, per person twin share


Secure your place at the table with Lorna Jane… book your Breakation with the girls today!

Find out more information about Lorna Jane visit the Lorna Jane website.

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