Saturday, March 20th, 2010

5 Minutes In-Flight with Nathan Gaunt


We were lucky enough to get a few with the fabulous Nathan Gaunt, so of course we’re sharing the scoop.

Q: If you could sit next to anyone on the flight who would it be?
A: Lando Calrissian

Q: What won’t you travel to/from Australia without?
A: My ’68 Stratocaster

Q: What song would you dedicate to V Australia & why?
A: “Whole Lotta Love” ‘cos I’m hopin’

Q: Is there anything you’d like to pass on to Sir Richard Branson?
A: My bank account details…?

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the festival?
A: Playing my shows and seeing some awesome music!

Because 5 minutes just isn’t enough, here’s more: myspace, facebook & twitter.


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