Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Trolley Talk with Millie


Let’s face it, 10 minutes with Millie just wasn’t enough, so we asked her back.  This time she is dishing on all things Fly Girl from the hiring process to traveling tips and food service. 

Becoming a Fly Girl: The process was a bit like an Australian Idol audition, but without the singing. There were four rounds on the day – a team activity, an English proficiency test, a customer role play and a behavioural interview. If we passed all four rounds on the day and got great references we got through to the final round – the medical, the most nerve racking aspect for many in the hiring process. Many a crew member has suffered performance anxiety when faced with the ‘cup’.

Travel tips: Get to the airport early, so that you are relaxed and can settle in to your journey. If you suffer from sinus pressure take a nasal decongestant before a flight and before landing to open up the sinus tract. Also avoid caffeine, drink lots of water to stay hydrated and wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Favorite in-flight meal: I actually really like the Business Class breakfast, as you have a range of options to choose from. I think that there is nothing better than a Continental breakfast with muesli, fruit, fruit yoghurt, a crispy, buttery croissant and a refreshing nudie smoothie.

Quote: I believe you can tell a lot about a flight attendant by the way he or she pushes a trolley.

Still looking for more?  Share your questions below, and we’ll go straight to the source to get the answers from Millie.

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